The technique in sex is not primary, but still important. What main mistakes are women during oral caresses and how to avoid them?

There are many books and manuals that describe the main techniques of blowjob and the subtleties of their execution. You can find almost any tips in them – for example, how to portray a “deep throat”, if a woman is actually not ready to swallow a member as deep as it (probably) would like the man. For all that, there are several basic principles that are often violated – and as a result, partners receive much less pleasure or do not receive it at all.

2 place errors

Engage only in the head

The head is very sensitive. But with prolonged effects, it loses its sensitivity, the sensations are dull. Therefore, it is useful to switch to other parts of the male body. The barrel is also sensitive, especially in the upper third. And despite the fact that the sensitivity of his lower third is not too great, most men approve when a woman makes a deep blowjob, taking the whole member into her mouth and dragging his nose into the pubis. But even if you do not intend to do all this, it is useful to pay attention to the barrel, licking it from the base up and vice versa.

Forget about the scrotum

There are many sensitive zones, the touch to which gives a man pleasure. Not all men know about this, since they themselves during masturbation do not always pay attention to the scrotum – especially its lower and back. You can caress the scrotum with your hands and mouth. It is important to moisten with caution with saliva, because moisture will evaporate when in contact with air and the scrotum will begin to freeze – and this can thoroughly spoil the sensations for a man.

3 errors of the method


It is believed that a man is always tuned for sex. But in reality, this is far from always the case. Men need tuning – both psychological and physiological – and time to prepare. Therefore, do not start oral caresses too quickly and end too sharply. A separate question – whether to allow the ejaculat to get into the mouth of a woman. Not all women like it. If you are not tuned to such a process, it makes sense to warn the partner about this in advance and offer him other options, for example, providing him with a face, chest, hands. It is important not to interrupt bodily contact, to maintain contact points (and the more there are, the better).

Excessive intensity

Trying to quickly bring a man to orgasm is not the best way, because in this case the blowjob is mechanical and is not much different from masturbation with his hand. In addition, a man in this case begins

to suspect that a woman is unpleasant for a woman and she wants him to end as soon as possible, that she is not enjoy. It would seem, and what is there? However, there is also an erotic component in sex – a desire not only to get satisfaction, but also to feel like an object of desire for your partner. Therefore, it is important for a man to receive various confirmations that a woman wants him, that he is desirable for her.


In the sexual process, not only our physiology is involved, but also attention and fantasy. If the same thing happens all the time, attention is tired, and the sensitivity is dulled (according to the natural laws of the work of the nervous system), and the fantasy is inactive. The result is a lack of pleasure, even in the presence of physiological satisfaction. Simple reciprocating movements are not enough-in the end, a man can secure them himself. Therefore, it makes sense to switch, exciting various erogenous zones, varying and inventing new techniques. Balance is important: the movements must be changed, but not too often, so that the impulses obtained manage to summarize.

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